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Wari, Pikimachay, Vilcashuaman

Archeological Tours Wari, Pikimachay, Vilcashuaman

• Wari Ruins

Wari was the former political and administrative capital city of the first Andean empire.

Necessary time to visit: 2 hours.

Location: 23 km. from Ayacucho, 2500 to 3000 meters above sea level

• Pikimachay

Here we can visit the cave where the first evidence of a cultural presence in the region was found, dating back to 15000  years BC. 

Necessary time to visit: 2 hours.

Location: 25 km. from Ayacucho, 573 km. South East of Lima (228 km down the South Panamerican Highway; then 345 km. along the Via Libertadores).

• Vilcashuaman

It was the most important regional Inca administrative centre. Visiting musts are the "Temples of the Sun and the Moon". The "Ushno" (place of worship) and the "Kallanca" or the Palace of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui. Its main festivity is Virgin Carmen or "Mamacha Carmen" (16th July)

On the route: Intihuatana (95 km) important ceremonial centre that contains Pomacocha lagoons, the Baños del Inca, the Ceremonial Turret and the Acllwasi. We can also visit Titankayuq natural forest with the impressive “Raimondi Puyas.”

Necessary time for the complete circuit: A full day. Two are recommended.

Location: 117 km from Ayacucho, at 3470 meters above sea level.

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