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Cantalloc Acueducts - Necropolis

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Cantalloc Acueducts - Necropolis

• Aqueducts 

A complex system of underground aqueducts that allowed to take advantage of underground water, is the evidence of nascas technological development in the exploitation of the soil.

In the route, before reaching the acueducts,we can visit "Paredones Ruins" (1.2 miles) with a large main square, deposits, ceremonial areas, barracks, niches, and a lot of other buildings with trapezoidal windows. The trapezoidal windows identify an Inca administrative center.

Necessary time to visit it: 3 hours.
Location: 4Km. (2.5 miles) East of Nasca in Cantayoc

• Chauchilla Necropolis

There are tombs desecrated by "huaqueros" (temple and tombs diggers) who have left skeletons, skulls and other remains out in the open.

Necessary time to visit it: 3 hours.
Location: 28km. (217.3 miles) South of Nasca

• Ceramic

The artisans give sample of the ancient techniques,trough the elaboration of ceramic, with secrets passed from generation to generation.

The ceramic was one of the most important aspects for the nasca people. Nasca ceramics stood out for its magnificent representations.

Necessary time to visit artisans: 1 hour.
Location: Nasca 444 Km. South of Lima.

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