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Colca Canyon

To visit the Colca Canyon, we first have to ascend by a highway zigzagging around the skirts of the Chachani mountain, then descend into the impressive Colca Valley where you can admire the surrounding beauty of the landscape, platforms, snowy mountains and small towns founded in the 16th century.

In the 16th century, Viceroy Toledo ordered the containment of the descendants of the old Collaguas - brave warrior people - that were dispersed in the area among 14 towns that still conserve their original characteristics such as the layout of their streets, their richly ornamented churches and their traditional festivities. Visiting these towns is like travelling back in time 400 years.

The Colca Canyon is also the best possible place to admire the biggest flaying bird in the world: the condor.

Places to Visit:

The first town to visit is Chivay where we can find lodging and food.

Approximately 40 km away is Cabanaconde, where we can enjoy the Mirador of the Cross, the best place to observe the Condor, the biggest bird on earth. The mirador is 3800 meters above sea level.

Necessary time to visit the beautiful Colca Canyon: 2 full days.

Location: 142 km from Arequipa.

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