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Tour Paracas National Reserve

Av. Principal de ingreso al Chaco #101 – Paracas - Pisco - Ica - Peru - Phone number (51) 056 536 636 / 998 381 110 / 998 383 127 -

Tour Paracas National Reserve

This maritime reserve was created in 1975 on 335,000 hectares (135,574 acres), of which 117,406 hectares (47,514 acres) are land and 217,594 hectares (88,060 acres) are sea. The Paracas National Reserve presents bio-geographic characteristics of amazing beauty.

The annual average temperature is 22° C (65.6°F) and the sun shines almost all year, thus reducing relative humidity. The average wind speed is 14,9 km/h (9.24 mph) with top speeds of 32 km/h (20 mph) known as the "Paracas" (strong coastal winds).

In Paracas, the ocean favours the development of the marine life which, in turn, attracts a great variety of fish, birds and other species, characteristic of the area.

Necessary time to visit the Paracas Reserve: 3 hours.
Location: Pisco-Paracas, 250 km. South of Lima.

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