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Tour to The Ballestas Islands

Av. Principal de ingreso al Chaco #101 – Paracas - Pisco - Ica - Peru - Phone number (51) 056 536 636 / 998 381 110 / 998 383 127 -

Tour to The Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas islands are rocky formations that are home to an important marine fauna, particularly to large guano birds like the guanay, booby and tendril, as well as some types of endangered species like the Humboldt penguins. Other mammals include large numbers of two varieties of sea wolves.

On the way there by boat we will pass by The Candelabrum, also known as Three Crosses. This figure traced in the sand is 128 meters long and 78 meters wide. Its depth varies from 10 to 60 centimetres. Something of a mystery, it is thought to be related to the Nasca Lines and associated with harvest activities, and speculation exists about it being used by pirates.

Necessary time to visit Ballestas Islands: 2 hours from the deck in Paracas.
Location: Pisco-Paracas 250 km. south of Lima.

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