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Archeological Tours

Peru is a country full of interesting archaeological sites.

In Ica we offer you a visit to the incredible Inca fortress of Tambo Colorado made entirely of adobe. It was a residence, an administration centre and the Inca Pachacutec’s palace.

Also in Ica just 4 km from Nasca, we can take you to visit the Aqueducts, a complex system of underground canals that allowed to take advantage of underground water. These are the evidence of Nasca’s technological development in the exploitation of the soil. Some miles to the south is the Chauchilla necropolis, the impressive Nasca cemetery.

But if you are looking for stone buildings, then you have to visit Huaytara where you will find the Dos Ventanas Palace. The foundations of this palace were used in the colonial era as the base for a church. Inside you can appreciate the ostentatious religious syncretism made apparent with this colonial edification.

Still in the Highlands you can take a tour to Wari, the former political and administrative capital city of the first Andean empire. Pikimachay and Vilcashuaman ruins are the most important Inca regional administrative centre in Ayacucho.