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Traditional Tours

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Traditional Tours

If you like to take "Traditional Tours" then you should consider our 5 main options:

* On the coast you can't loose the Nasca Lines Fly-over. From the sky, admire the mysterious ancient lines in the middle of isolated plains, lines that Maria Reiche considered to be the biggest astronomical calendar of the world.

* Still on the coast, to the south of Lima is Ica that offers its colourful countryside, local wines, an extraordinary desert of dunes, and the Huacachina Oasis

* Entering the highlands is Arequipa, known as the White City, because of the colour of its houses, built with sillar (a stone of volcanic origin and of almost white colour).

* In the Colca Valley you can admire the surrounding beauty of the landscape, platforms, snowy mountains and small towns founded in the 16th century. The Colca Canyon is also the best possible place to admire the biggest flying bird in the world: the Condor.

* The city of Ayacucho is full of beautiful old temples, colonial houses, museums, besides a rich folklore and religious traditions, if this is what you like, You MUST visit Ayacucho during Semana Santa - Holy Week (March/April).